Publié : 19 avril 2012

Voyage des 2ndes Euro à Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, at last !!!

Tuesday, April 17th

After eight hours of travelling in a bus, spending the time watching a movie, playing or singing, we finally arrived in Amsterdam !

We were really excited to see our correspondents again but before that we had to go on a boat to see the canals, the most famous attraction in Amsterdam. After the canals, we visited the streets, seeing nice things like typical houses, horses, seaguls and the canals from the outside but also embarrassing things like the prostitutes in windows and coffee shops.

Of course, we finally arrived to the high school, being happy to see our friends again. We went to the auditorium of the school and we listened to a Dutch girl singing. It was really great. We couldn’t wait to see our friends again and to share our thoughts about Holland the next day.