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Publié : 4 novembre 2010

The 2nd Euro share a wonderful day with the Dutch friends !

Accueil d’un groupe de lycéens hollandais de Lochem par les élèves de 2nde Euro.
N.Berces / C.Feron / M. Lecourtois

We started the day at 11.30, waiting anxiously in the hall. But we were also very excited ! We finally met our penpals.
At the beginning, we were a bit shy but we got to know each other very quickly !
Then we ate together at the school restaurant. We tried to speak English during the meal and learnt Dutch words.
After lunch, we went to the small park and we met our schoolfriends’ penpals. We introduced ourselves and we laughed together ! We played table football against the Dutch students with a chestnut because we did not have balls.
Next, 5 students came with us to history class in English and the rest went to English classes.
Later we went to the drama hall to do a pub quiz about Dutch and French culture. We were in groups and it was really fun !
To close the day, we had a snack together.
Rania, Soraya, Marion and Molly

"It was the first time I had a penpal. I really loved it." Katell

"First I was really shocked because, in the Netherlands, in order to say ’hello’, people just shake hands, they do not kiss. So I felt very strange." Celia

"We were impatient to do the pub quiz and fun games." Manon

"It was very interesting to discuss with the Dutch pupils about the differences between France and the Netherlands." Pauline,Emeline, Lauraly

"It was a wonderful day and time passed so fast ! I was sad when they left our school but we will stay in contact and I hope to see her again. Elodie

"It was very sad when they left. I would like to keep in touch with them and go to the Netherlands." Chloe

"At 5pm, it was the end. I hated the end... We said goodbye but we will write e-mails,speak on Facebook..." Benjamin

"It was a very good day and it was hard to say goodbye but my Dutch friend told me he would send me e-mails."Aurelien

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